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Optimize your workload automation system

As the demand grows for increasingly complex IT services, you need to make sure your workload automation solution keeps in step. BMC’s Workload Automation Services will help you take your batch processing to the next level. We can help you transition to a brand new Control-M environment or ensure that you’re getting the most out of your existing one.

What to look for in workload automation services

Configuration design

  • Analysis of specific workload automation needs
  • Prioritization of business objectives with a focus on efficiency and scalability
  • Creation of critical jobs and processes
  • Configuration based on workload automation best practices

Performance and capacity optimization

  • Architectural improvements that maximize resource availability
  • Fine tuning of system integrations and workflows
  • Performance testing to identify problem areas

Tools for a smooth transition

  • Staff training and knowledge transfer on product features
  • Parallel installations and testing to limit service interruptions
  • Detailed implementation and upgrade plans
  • Control-M Jumpstart Service

    With the Control-M Jumpstart Service, you’ll engage our workload automation experts to get your Control-M environment up and running in a matter of days. In addition to installing a single instance of Control-M in a non-production environment, our consultants will also get your team ready to start maintaining and enhancing the system. We’ll work with you to:

    • Give you a head start on building your new workload automation environment.
    • Educate your team on Control-M’s functionality, interface, and underlying architecture.
    • Establish a best practices-driven environment to support the customization of your new solution.

    This product is available as a standalone offering.

  • Control-M Upgrade Service
    Every new Control-M release brings an array of useful new features and functionality. Bring your environment up to date painlessly with the help of BMC’s workload automation experts in the Control-M Upgrade Service. In this offering, we’ll work with you to:
    • Customize an implementation of the latest version of Control-M to best benefit your organization.
    • Migrate your existing workload to the upgraded Control-M environment.
    • Educate your team on the newest Control-M features with detailed role-based training.

    This product is available as a standalone offering.

  • Control-M Migration Service

    Let BMC’s workload automation experts help you make the transition to Control-M smooth and painless. You’ll start with a detailed planning phase before moving your batch environment to Control-M, while testing and validating your results along the way. With our Migration Service offering we’ll work with you to:

    • Design a customized Control-M implementation based around your organization’s specific needs.
    • Coordinate the full product and infrastructure installation to get your new environment up and running.
    • Manage the migration of all of your existing batch processes to your new Control-M environment.

    Depending on your organization’s migration needs, you can choose either a comprehensive version of the service or a more streamlined advisory version. Both offer project management assistance that includes an in-depth introduction to Control-M features, a customized solution design, and the installation of the Control-M infrastructure.

    This product is available as a standalone offering.

  • Control-M Assessment Service

    Over time your workload automation needs grow and change. Optimize your environment to support those changes with the Control-M Assessment Service. In this offering, you’ll work with BMC’s workload automation experts to:

    • Conduct a thorough evaluation of your current Control-M environment.
    • Analyze your setup to identify problem areas using benchmark and performance testing.
    • Develop recommendations for improving batch-processing performance and capacity.

    This product is available as a standalone offering.

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