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MainView Monitoring

Mainview Monitoring

Core monitoring for your z/OS environment

MainView Monitoring provides the ability to monitor and manage the performance and availability of your z/OS and z/OS Unix environment. With this solution, you’ll be able to:

  • Identify problems quickly, no matter where they appear in your z/OS environment.
  • Track an exhaustive array of critical metrics, which can be organized by process or system.
  • Make changes and adjustments to both z/OS and z/OS Unix resources and workloads from a single, integrated interface.

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Fully loaded monitoring and reporting tools

Take the guesswork out of optimizing your mainframe performance with the tools available in MainView Monitoring. Not only does this solution give you a comprehensive view of your entire z/OS environment—including the z/OS Unix side of things—but it also has features for compiling detailed records, performing seamless configuration changes, and running complex analytical reports.

Metrics that matter

Keep a close eye on critical z/OS metrics, including CPs, storage, coupling facility, cross-system coupling facility (XCF), and enclave usage.

z/OS Unix and z/OS, side-by-side

Use the same interface you use for z/OS to seamlessly track important z/OS Unix metrics about processes, file systems, and configuration parameters.

Faster, more efficient reporting

Use the CMF Monitor feature to create SMF records for capacity, performance, and billing (SCRT) reports.

Optimized configuration, with no downtime

Make changes to z/OS and z/OS UNIX configurations without having to reinitialize your entire operating environment.

Central, web-based interface

Enjoy the convenience of a user-friendly, web-based GUI that consolidates information from all of the MainView products you run.

Dynamic thresholds

Use the Threshold Advisor feature to set intelligent, dynamic thresholds based on real-time data and business cycles.

Historical reporting and analysis

Take advantage of sophisticated data views to compare historical and current data or build analytical reports.

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Strong mainframe foundation

  • Improve performance and availability at the OS level to create a healthy base for the rest of your mainframe environment.
  • Make effective, efficient decisions using versatile, in-depth current and historical reports.
  • Identify and protect your most vulnerable business services with a clearer view of performance trends.

“BMC does a good job of taking care of customers. When we call with a problem, we get help right away…And BMC’s continued investment in developing the solutions assures us that we’ve picked the right partner.”

— Jerry Kolb, Manager of Systems and Operations, CTS
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Products included in this solution

The MainView Monitoring solution is made up of the following products, which work together to give you a clear view of—and maximum control over—your entire z/OS environment.

  • MainView for z/OS

    MainView for z/OS offers a clear view of critical z/OS metrics—such as central processors (CPs), storage, coupling facility, cross-system coupling facility (XCF), and enclave usage—across the enterprise, or organized by system. You’ll have the option to set up automatic alerts when a threshold for any of these metrics is being exceeded. An extensive array of real-time views and historical data help you monitor and manage performance across an unlimited number of z/OS systems and parallel sysplex cluster environments. MainView for z/OS also eases the load on your CPs by offloading onto IBM zIIPs. In addition, with the MVScope feature you can quickly perform deep diagnostics of an address space to see where it is using resources.

    This product is available as a part of the following offering: MainView Monitoring

  • MainView for UNIX System Services

    MainView for UNIX System Services (USS) allows you to monitor and manage workloads and resources consumed from the z/OS UNIX perspective, which traditional performance monitors are unable to see. The product monitors processes, BPXPRM parameters, and file systems (including usage and growth). This means you'll have a clear view of critical z/OS UNIX metrics, including user activity, threads, HFS global buffer information, and file-system data, as well as process counts, usage, and delays. A process trace facility offers additional problem isolation capabilities. You can also use the integrated z/OS UNIX command interface to view and change system parameters and file systems functions (HFS, zFS).

    This product is available as a part of the following offering: MainView Monitoring

  • CMF Monitor

    BMC CMF Monitor provides a high-performance, low-cost alternative IBM’s Resource Measurement Facility (RMF). With it you’ll be able to produce all of the SMF Type-70 records you need to track trends in system performance. From a single pane, CMF Monitor provides real-time and historical data about workloads, resources, devices, and delay activities. It also provides you with the data to manage and improve system performance across all of your z/OS images. CMF Monitor not only reports on specialty engines, such as zIIPs, zAAPs, and Crypto, but also offloads its own CP resources to zIIPs.

    This product is available as a part of the following offering: MainView Monitoring

  • MainView SYSPROG Services

    MainView SYSPROG Services addresses real-time performance issues and assists in the planning, and fine-tuning of z/OS operating system configurations. With this product you’ll be able to issue critical system commands—as well as receive responses from them—within the MainView environment. MainView SYSPROG Services allows you to make system changes without having to re-initialize entire operating environment. You’ll also be able to recover system resources, modify system characteristics and change job execution parameters from within a user-friendly interface.

    This product is available as a part of the following offering: MainView Monitoring

“MainView enables us to monitor and rapidly resolve mainframe performance issues.”

— IT Professional with the U.S. Federal Government, as told to TechValidate
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