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Reduce risk and deliver business services faster by automating internal and external file transfers in a single view with related application workflows in hybrid environments.

Application workflow orchestration + intelligent file movement

  • Robust: Easily move files with support for AWS S3, FTP, SFTP, and AS2
  • Integrated: Manage file transfers and application workflows from a single view
  • Secure: Schedule and manage your file transfers securely and confidently with FIPS compliance and policy-driven processing rules
  • Consolidated: Reduce file transfer point product risks with a 360-degree view, advanced dashboards, and analytics

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Get maximum visibility and control of your file transfers

Accelerate delivery of hybrid-cloud business services

Enterprise Architect

Your business services depend on moving files between different applications and systems in cloud and hybrid environments. Using a combination of scripting, proprietary applications, and manual intervention creates unnecessary risk, resulting in failed and under-performing business services with high remediation costs.

With Control-M Managed File Transfer you can:

  • Improve service levels by aligning both internal and external file transfers with business process flows in a single view
  • Reduce business service risk and remediation costs with a single, integrated view for file transfers and workloads, including predictive analytics and proactive notifications
  • Maintain regulatory compliance by providing all authorized users secure and easy access to current and historical file transfers and related business services

Respond quickly to business challenges

Operations Manager

Selecting the right products and technologies across your cloud and on-premises environments is critical. A flexible workflow orchestration product helps you support line-of-business leaders to deliver new applications and changes to production faster, with more stability and scalability.

Control-M Managed File Transfer can help you:

  • Centralize and automate file transfers and simplify the management of application workflows across multi-cloud and hybrid environments
  • Improve service levels and align file transfers with business process flows
  • Support line-of-business needs by easily incorporating new and existing technologies
  • Speed time-to-market by supporting agile development practices

Ensure application workflows are delivered on time, every time


Every day you are responsible for managing critical application, data, and infrastructure workflows to support evolving business needs. Securely managing file transfers is an integral part of the process. Using modern application workflow orchestration, you can easily meet business needs today and in the future.

With Control-M Managed File Transfer you can:

  • Get instant visibility into the status of internal and external file transfers across cloud and on-premises infrastructures with a customizable dashboard and advanced search capabilities
  • Deliver business services faster by designing application workflows, including file transfers, with an intuitive drag and drop interface
  • Proactively support lines of business by quickly remediating file transfer-related issues before they negatively impact the business
  • Improve business services by eliminating delays between file transfers and related application workflows
"With the increased requirement for big data fueled applications we need to deliver files reliably and quickly. The new dashboards and enhanced search functionality that come with Control-M Managed File Transfer are very popular with our first and second line support staff, and we anticipate that this will result in up to a 75% reduction in time spent on customer inquiries." — Andrew Taylor, Operations Team Leader, British Sky Broadcasting

Getting started with Control-M Managed File Transfer is easy